5 October 2020

Six new bridges will be built and another five bridges modified in the Greater Parramatta area, as part of the Parramatta Light Rail works.

The bridges at Westmead, Parramatta, Camellia, Rosehill and Dundas will support dual-track light rail as well as an active transport link.

Work on the 11 bridges across the Parramatta region includes:

  • A former rail bridge at Kissing Point Road in Dundas converted to active transport alongside a new three-span bridge for light rail;
  • Replacing the James Hardie Underpass in Camellia with a new bridge for light rail and the active transport link;
  • Encasing support structures for Victoria Road Bridge and Pennant Hills Road Bridge in concrete for protection;
  • Modifying the Adderton Road Bridge, Telopea, to support active transport;
  • Replacing Vineyard Creek Bridge and Leamington Road Underpass, both in Dundas and recently demolished, with new bridges for light rail and active transport;
  • Building a new two-span bridge for light rail and active transport across Parramatta River alongside the existing Bridge Road Bridge in the Cumberland precinct;
  • A new 417-tonne steel arch bridge over James Ruse Drive at Rosehill (the biggest bridge construction on the project).

Parramatta Light Rail will be incorporated into a number of historic bridges, with the 1839 Lennox Bridge in Parramatta’s CBD to support light rail and pedestrians instead of car traffic, and the Parramatta River Bridge at Camellia, built in 1895 and modified in 1995, widened to accommodate an active transport link