About Parramatta Light Rail

By 2036, more than half of all Sydneysiders will live in Western Sydney. This population shift is pulling the heart of metropolitan Sydney to the west and elevating Parramatta as Australia’s next great city. Parramatta Light Rail will serve the Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula Priority Growth Area, and kick-start revitalisation and jobs growth along a corridor more than 20km long. It will provide a frequent and reliable transport mode for growing and emerging precincts by bringing businesses, destinations and employers closer to their suppliers, visitors, employees and customers.

Key features

Parramatta Light Rail will:

  • offer a frequent, reliable, ‘turn up and go’ service
  • act as a catalyst for new growth
  • connect destinations, jobs and communities
  • provide an attractive transport choice to integrate with the bus and rail network
  • enhance public spaces and places



Download a print version of the map (PDF)

What’s happening now?

The NSW Government has been engaging with key stakeholders in the region so that they can help to shape the project and maximise the benefits from Parramatta Light Rail. We will consult with the wider community, ahead of formal consultation on an Environmental Impact Statement in 2017. Procurement for construction contracts is planned for 2017, with construction to start in late 2018.

Get Involved

Have your say on the Parramatta Light Rail in our community forum or by taking part in a short survey. Over the coming months, the Parramatta Light Rail team will be out and about at community events to talk to people and local businesses about the project.




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